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Ceiling I.V Pole

Ceiling IV-Poles screw or retaining bolt screwed through the rail into the wall. IV provision can be kept discreetly aside, without taking up valuable floor space, yet it is always available to be moved into position when required. With safety height adjustment by thumb-pressure permit the certain and simple operation with only one hand and prevent a dangerous and sudden sinking.


  • Can be adapted to every room according to every customer’s desire
  • Made out of high value stainless steel
  • Polished surface tubes are very easy to clean and therefore very hygienic
  • Stepless safety height adjustment through use of one hand adjustment enable a fast and simple positioning
  • Can be moved to one side of the cubicle when not in use, and can be positioned at either side of the bed, or above it if required
  • Easy hanging of the IV-Pole on the sliding hook for quick and simple to install
  • Suitable for both general and heavy duty purposes
  • 250kgs maximum load per metre run, providing sufficient wall fixings are correctly installed
  • Stretchable or fixed ceiling for options