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Ceiling I.V Rail System

IV Ceiling Rail Systems designed from the outset with infection control and floor space-saving in mind. They are the safe alternative to the traditional floor standing IV stand provides enough room needed around the care of patients always. Infusion equipments may be suspended from the overhead tracks safely and simply. It cannot be knocked over, and it can be positioned exactly where required, even over the bed.


  • Suite for all ceilings and conditions. They can be certainly secured to very stable and special spacers for suspended ceilings
  • Track is constructed of extruded aluminum and comes in a standard 4 ft. length. Additional tracks are available in one foot increments
  • Maximize floor-space around the bed
  • Feather-edge rail trim caters for variation in walls and prevents a build-up of dirt behind rail
  • The flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt-trap and allows for safe and simple cleaning.
  • Rigid, high-grade aluminum profile provides long-term durability, reliability and lightweight strength
  • Cost-effective and maintenance-free
  • Simple twist and lock system for horizontal positioning
  • Button release system provides the flexibility to raise and lower fluids to the desired height
  • Four-hook assembly with extra hook at the bottom supply sufficient hanging space for your fluids
  • Available in direct, curve and round one