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Overflow Safety Trap

Overflow Safety Trap is an additional protection of the vacuum regulator and the hospital vacuum networks against contamination risks from the overflow valve in the main container not be working properly. It helps prevent aspirate from entering the regulator as a result of misuse and extend the life of suction equipment and pipeline system.

Suitable for OR/ ER/ ICU/ General ward


  • Limit the contamination risk of the regulator and the vacuum pipeline network.
  • Unique float design ensures maximum vacuum flow and positive shutoff.
  • Housing designed fits an antibacterial filter, to ensure complete protection of the suction system against contamination.
  • Clear, shatter resistant polycarbonate bottle can be steam or sterilized after using
  • Smooth surface with rounded corners making cleaning easy
  • Aluminum swivel female DISS connection makes it simple and efficient to set up and easy to remove from vacuum regulators.
  • Meets NFPA and ASTM standard.