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Closed Suction 24-hour System

Closed suction system is a multiple -use design effective in decreasing the infection of lower respiratory tract infection and can reduce the mortality rate of nosocomial pneumonia.

It is designed for removal of bronchial secretions in intubated patients if they are on mechanical ventilation. The system allows the attending health professional to suction the patient's tracheobronchial secretions with disconnecting the ventilator. It recommend daily changes of the catheter in order to reduce the incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). Indicated for single-patient use only.

Advantages of the closed suction system technique provide;

  • Better control of infections
  • Physiological and psychological benefits
  • Time saving
  • Double Swivel Elbow is design for endotracheal intubated patients; that provides flexibility without connectors.Transparent adapter Excellent visibility of the cleanliness of the system / Connection with the ET tube
  • One-way lavage/irrigation port to prevent spayback for optimum cleaning of the suction catheter for irrigation to moisten and dilute mucus before aspiration.
  • Conical waterproof joints for cleaning of the external part of the tube
  • Protective polyurethane sleeve Impermeable is flexible and resistant  for protection of the health care givers against material spat or coughed out
  • Multiperforated catheter with non-traumatising tip prevents injury /
  • 2 side holes for optimum aspiration
  • Depth marks suction tube enables controlled and deep aspiration to be performed
  • Black mark Indicates the correct positioning of the tube tip for irrigation
  • Secured latex-free thumb control valve for locked aspiration system and then aspiration can be regulated with a push button, prevents accidental aspiration
  • Numbered catheter allows practioner to limit the distance of catheter advance.
  • Available in difference sizes.

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