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Respiratory Therapy
Endotracheal Tube Holder

Endotracheal Tube Holder is a tape-free way to secure an ET tube firmly in place to eliminate roll tape substitutes, save valuable time, ensure consistent protocol and improve patient appearance. It is made of strong, soft, lightweight, soft cotton flannel for patient comfort and prevent against pressure sores. Easy-to-use Velcro fastener straps provide quick and secure trach tube stabilization without the need to fumble with clumsy adhensives, minimizing cross infection, skin irritation and tearing facial hair gives nurses the simple tool they need when securing endotracheal tube to help prevent accidental extubation.

It is ideal for all critical care units, operating rooms, emergency departments, special procedure units comatose patients and for transport situations, regardless of facial conditions.


  • Secure ET tubes easily and firmly under various field conditions to eliminates the need for cumbersome taping.
  • Economical in low initial cost, no frequent changing.
  • Lined with soft cotton flannel for prevention of soreness and optimum comfort.
  • Adjustable neckband strap allows for a custom fit.
  • Minimal plastic loop around the ET tube allows access to the oral cavity.
  • Velcro closures is quick and easy to engage and provides secure placement and comfortable fit also.
  • Closed seams on edges of flannel neckband for reduced sponge effect of foam laminate, keeping moisture out of trach tie.
  • Fabric integrity will not stretch, pull or rope digging into neck.
  • Can be applied with gloves.
  • Packaged clean.
  • Single-use.
  • Latex-free.