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Respiratory Therapy
Tracheotomy Tube Holder

Tracheotomy Tube Holder is designed as an aid in preventing accidental ventilator disconnections at the trach site and stabilize the trach tube. It is a tape-free securing device to eliminate the need for cumbersome taping minimizing cross infection, skin irritation and tearing facial and skin. 

It features a hypoallergenic, adhesive-backed base which affixed easily and comfortably to the patient with a tracheostomy needs securely holds the artificial airway in place so that is not accidentally dislodged.


  • Made of a strong, soft, light, hypoallergenic 100% cotton flannel for keeping moisture out of trach tie from the skin for preventing irritation and skin breakdown by allowing air to flow through to skin.
  • Provide comfortable, safe, fast, secure support positioning of any trachestomy tubes can be resulted in accidental decannulation.
  • Stretch material accommodates user’s cough reflex or edema to reduce excess secretion accumulation and assures precise tube positioning.
  • Fabric integrity will not stretch, pull or rope digging into neck.
  • Self-adhesive velcro attaches easily to tracheostomy tube neck flange.
  • Fastening tabs reduce the likelihood of hook migration.
  • Smooth edges of the collar and significantly minimizes skin breakdown beneath the collar.
  • Soft materials and wide band promote better skin care.
  • Can be applied with gloves.
  • One size adjusts to fit most patients from pediatric to adults with neck size to 18”.
  • Packaged clean.
  • Latex-free for patient comfort.
  • Single-patient use.