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Respiratory Therapy
Tracheotomy Tube Holder
Tracheotomy Tube Holder is a non-sterile device intended to secure a patient’s Tracheotomy tube in place to prevent extubation by providing a secure method of stabilization.  It is designed to save valuable time, ensure consistent protocol and a simple tool to securing endotracheal tube to help prevent accidental extubation.
It is a tape-free securing device to eliminate the need for cumbersome taping minimizing cross infection, skin irritation and tearing facial and skin. 
It features a hypoallergenic, adhesive-backed base which affixed easily and comfortably to the patient with a tracheostomy who needs securely holds the artificial airway in place to avoid accidentally dislodged.


  • Economical in low initial cost, no frequent changing.
  • Provide comfortable, safe, fast, secure support positioning of any trachestomy tubes.
  • Adhesive free, hypo-allergenic material provide with ultra-soft and comfortable touch.
  • Adjustable neckband strap is made of a strong, soft, lightweight, fabric-covered foam to provide patient comfort and allows for a custom fit.
  • Minimal plastic loop around the ET tube allows access to the oral cavity.
  • Easy-to-use Velcro closures provides quick and easy to engage and secure placement.

One Size fits all