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Respiratory Therapy
Endotracheal Tube Bite Block

Endotracheal Tube Bite Block act as an effective bite block allows a large portion of the patient's mouth to remain accessible for suctioning. Features security the endotracheal tube quickly with no adhesive tape and adjust tube depth easily after intubation. It is firmly connected to the ET tube and the position of the tube by the straps. It is the solution for severe facial injuries cases in burns, lacerations, copious bleeding, vomiting or bearded patients tracheal tube placement security problems.


  • Simple two-piece construction promotes quick applications
  • Rigid bite block prevents tube kinking
  • Reduce lip pressure and subsequent tissue damage
  • Large portion of mouth to remain accessible for suctioning
  • Fasten comfort straps accross the face and adjust to fit snugly
  • Equipped cable tie secures placement of the endotracheal tube and prevent slippage.
  • Easy reposition of the tube from side to side.
  • Secure all standard ET tubes