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Respiratory Therapy
Oral Airway (Guedel)

Guedel Oral Airway is the airway adjunct used to maintain a open airway for the free exchange of inspired and expired gases in  unconscious patients. Our Guedel Airways are manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant polymer PE that are enhanced by a rigid bite block to maximize airway patency. The dedicated center channel in the airway provides a route that directs the suction catheter. Commonly used in pre-hospital emergency care and for short term airway management post anaesthetic or when manual methods are inadequate to maintain an open airway.


  •  Accommodate endotracheal positioning
  • Kink-resistance helps assure the patent airway
  • Color-coded provides user with a quick way to identify correct size for rapid treatment of patients
  • Smooth, rounded edges minimize tissue trauma
  • Firm, flat and contiquous airway flange prevent airway occulusion
  • Come in a variety of sizes from infant to adult
  • Latex free