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Oral Airway (Berman)

The Berman Oral Airway utilizes a dual channel design that permits easily access of a suction catheter even if the airway shifts or is partially occluded, making resuscitation less cumbersome. Molded of smooth, semirigid, reinforced, white polyethylene. It is an excellent economical option for maintaining an open airway in an anesthetized or comatose patient when manual methods fail.


  • The two-channel design allows for safe insertion or withdrawal of a suction catheter and ensures an unobstructed pathway for ventilation.
  • Automatically curving to the contour of the pharynx
  • Horizontal flat surfaces for the teeth to contact
  • Semi-rigid provides unobstructed passage and ventilation efficiency
  • Reinforced permits easy insertion without danger of breaking when distorted
  • Smooth rounded edges reduce trauma to tissues for better patient comfort and safety
  • Single use to prevent cross contamination
  • mm length printed on airway makes sizes identification easier
  • Available in 7 sizes 40mm-100mm