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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Structure


Board of Directors
The board of directors is PAHSCO's highest governing body. Directors are elected by shareholders meeting in accordance with “Regulations Governing Election of Directors and Supervisors”. “Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles” formulates the structure of board of directors and policy of diversity. The structure of the board of directors shall be determined by choosing an appropriate number of board members, not less than five, in consideration of business scale, the shareholdings of major shareholders, and practical operational needs. The composition of the board of directors shall be determined by directors’ professional knowledge and abilities (including professional knowledge and experience in economic, environmental and social issues) and taking diversity (e.g. gender, age and culture) into consideration based on the company's business operations, operating dynamics, and development needs so as to empower the directors and make material contributions to operation. The qualification requirements and election of independent directors are in accordance with “Regulations Governing Appointment of Independent Directors and Compliance Matters for Public Companies”. During the two years before being elected or during the term of office, an independent director may not have been or be an employee or related party of the company or any of its affiliates.

Supervisor is another corporate governing body. PAHSCO created three supervisors elected by shareholders meeting and whose duties are supervising the implementation of the operations of the company, directors and managers and reviewing the enforcement of the internal control system so as to reduce the operational risks. PAHSCO set up independent mailbox for every supervisor and announced them on the internal and external website to exchange views and feedback. When a meeting of the board of directors is held, each supervisor shall be notified to attend the board so as to control the business operation of the Company and oversee the board’s operation and to state their opinions when appropriate.
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Remuneration Committee

PAHSCO established remuneration committee in 2010. The members of remuneration committee are appointed by resolution of the board of directors in accordance with "Remuneration Committee Charter", whose main duties include periodically reviewing the performance for the directors, supervisors and managerial officers of the Company and the policies, systems, standards and structure for their compensation, and making recommendations for amendments to "Remuneration Committee Charter". The 3rd remuneration committee members are three—two independent directors and a qualified lawyer, Ms. Si-Shen Chen.

Article of Association and Regulations

File link
Articles of Incorporation
Shareholders’ Meeting Procedure Rules
3 Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings
4 Regulations Governing Election of Directors and Supervisors
5 Procedures for the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets
Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Independent Directors
Operational Procedures for Endorsements/Guarantees
Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties
Rules Governing the Exercise of Rights and Participation in Resolutions by Juristic Person Shareholders with Controlling Power
Guidelines for the Adoption of Codes of Ethical Conduct
Internal Major Information Processing Operating Procedures
Rules for Prevention of Insider Trading
Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Supervisors
Self-Regulatory Rules on Disclosure of Merger and Acquisition Information
Rules Governing Financial and Business Matters between this Corporation and its Affiliated Enterprises
16 Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct
17 Corporate Governance Best‐Practice Principles
18 Directions for the Implementation of Continuing Education for Directors and Supervisors
19 Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles
20 Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles
21 Rules for Repurchase and Transfer of Shares to Employees

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

2018-Sponsorship for Citizens Sports Games in Miaoli

2018-The Blood Donation Activity

2017-Beach Cleanup at Waipu Fishing Harbor

2017-Fun Competition for Labors

2016-Hiking & Mountain Cleaning Activity

2015&2016 Outstanding Performance Unit in Green Procurement



Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

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2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report