PASHCO Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention and Contingency Plan

In response to Covid-19 pandemic, the company has formulated and implemented 8 complete response guidelines:
  1. Pandemic Prevention and Response Team
  2. Personnel access control
  3. Employee health monitoring
  4. Anti-epidemic material management
  5. Group activity control
  6. Cleaning and disinfection planning
  7. Management of foreign workers
  8. Emergency Response

During the pandemic prevention period, PAHSCO is committed to protecting the safety and health of all colleagues in the workplace. Without affecting the overall operation of the company, we divide our working staff by different teams, locations, and times, with strictly control personnel entry and exit and group gathering activities.
PAHSCO will fully cooperate with all the hospitals in Taiwan to provide medical staff and patients with complete product support and assistance for the needs of medical supplies. We thank the medical staff for their hard work and dedication. You guard the patient, and PAHSCO guards you.


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