Faecal Collection System

“PAHSCO” Faecal collection system consists of a silicone catheter, 1 Luer-lock 60ml syringe and 3 collection bags with integrated cap and hanging straps, and 1 clamp. The silicone catheter is a triple lumen tube with a retention balloon (wrapped by an introducer) on the patient end and an unique connector adapted to a collection bag on the other end. The drainage section is composed of 1 main drainage tube, 2 side lumen tubes, and a sampling port (optional) is equipped on the catheter. The main drainage tube provides a route for faecal matter passing through all the way to the collection bag. The two lumen tubes are for irrigation and inflation/deflation respectively. The sampling port is used to collect sample if required. All faecal eluent is collected by the bag and can be easily and safely disposed without risk of subsequent exposure to health professionals. Once certain amounts of faecal matter have been collected, replace a new bag and discard the used one in accordance with institutional protocol. This device is provided in non-sterile state and for single use only. For the claimed shelf life, please refer to the used-by date indicated by label.
Critical care/ Ward
Critical care/ Ward
  • Luer lock 60ml syringe.
  • 3 collection bags with Silicone catheter, or 1 collection bag with silicone / PU catheter.
  • Collection bag with Charcoal Filter and SAP (optional).
  • Sampling port (optional).

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