Wound Drainage Systems

Perforated Drains

Drain is mainly composed of a flexible tube with perforated openings along the shaft. The device is used for general population who needs wound drainage therapy. This device is provided in sterile state. For the claimed shelf life, please refer to the used-by date indicated on label.

Round Perforated, PVC, ODs from 8Fr to 18 F or OD from 1/8” to 1/4” , length in 520mm, with/without trocar. Indications Round Perforated, Silicone, ODs from 1/8” to 1/4”, lengths in 500mm and 1040mm, with/without trocar. Flat Perforated, Silicone, tubing width in 7mm and 10mm, lengths in1020mm, with/without trocar.

Wound drainage
Wound drainage
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Wound Drainage Systems

Bendable Trocar

Can be shaped for a variety of surgeon preferences facilitates easier placement of the drain.

Wound drainage
Wound drainage

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