Supplier Management

In accordance with the "Supplier Management Procedures" established by our ISO procedures, we shall conduct supplier assessment before cooperating with suppliers, and the relevant units of procurement, R&D and production shall conduct data collection, visit and examination, and trial production confirmation. In addition to evaluating the supplier's reputation, quality and credit status, we will also examine whether the supplier has obtained legal registration, relevant quality certification and environmental label, and whether there is any record of environmental pollution and social hazards, in order to determine whether the supplier can be included in the list of qualified suppliers.

We continue to promote our corporate sustainability policy and practices to our suppliers, and require them to cooperate and follow relevant regulations and government ordinances on issues such as environmental protection, safety and health, or labor and human rights, to achieve balanced development of the economy, society and the environment. The purchasing unit conducts regular supplier evaluations and unscheduled visits every year, and the compliance with corporate social responsibility is listed as an evaluation factor. If a supplier violates environmental or social laws, public order and morals, or damages the rights of others, it is considered a violation of the Company's corporate responsibility policy, and the Company may terminate the contract or cancel the transaction at any time depending on the severity of the situation.

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