PAHSCO launches Employee Stock Ownership Trust with E.Sun Bank

In order to strengthen PAHSCO(4126) talent retention mechanism, increase employees' attachment to the company, and ensure the stability of employees' future retirement, today (2024/4/22), Chairman Tina Chung signed an employee stock ownership trust contract with E.Sun Bank. The "Employee Stock Ownership Trust" plan was officially launched in April to encourage employees to create good performance with the company.
Long-term investment in PAHSCO stocks not only allows employees to become company shareholders and work together to create good business development for the company, it is also equivalent to an extra salary increase. It is hoped that by continuously improving employee benefits, we can achieve the effect of retaining and recruiting talents, and the amount of long-term accumulated investment will also help protect employees' retirement life.
PAHSCO deepens ESG sustainable management, and is ahead of the required schedule of the Financial Supervisory Commission. We have completed the organizational carbon inventory of ISO14064-1 in 2023, and the greenhouse gas inventory report and sustainability report have been verified by a third party to promote Stakeholders’ understanding of the company’s sustainability information.
On human rights issues, starting from 2024, the company will refer to the "Zero Fee" regulations of international human rights standards, hire foreign migrant workers under conditions that are superior to the labor standards law, and gradually move towards compliance with international human rights standards and norms. We strive to achieve the goal of creating a harmonious, inclusive and sustainable workplace.

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